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Internet of Things
an everyday reality

New connections make the world even smarter. Every day we explore new possibilities enabled by connected products. With Things’Cloud, your devices can join the IoT ecosystem, offering your customers 4.0 services.

What makes Things' Cloud special?

A communication library that supports the main data transmission protocols, and set of APIs to realize the main functionalities make it possible to greatly simplify the prototyping of a Smart object, thus validating its requirements and the main functionalities to be exposed while containing time and costs, in order to then proceed with production.

In just a few days any device can start communicating with Things’ Cloud, and display them on web portals, smartphone Apps or any other visualization medium.



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Our projects

Smart wine cellars, high-tech fitness equipment, supermarket checkouts, charging stations, security sensors, industrial ovens, dryers, seasoners-these are just some of the types of “objects” already connected through Things’cloud.

Things’Cloud can connect objects of any kind: Both household and industrial use devices. Any object with an electronic board can be connected thanks to Things’Cloud.