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An ecosystem for your business

A flexible and scalable architecture to connect your products to the Internet and make them Smart easily and efficiently. From prototype to production: send, analyze, store and manage data from thousands of connected devices.

Reduce production time: for a competitive time to market

A bridge connecting Electronics, Cloud and Web/Mobile App: compatible with the main communication protocols and a set of high-level APIs that can be integrated into any architecture. The Internet of Things with a simple and fast approach.

IoT Made Easy

The scalability provided by the Cloud enables the collection of large amounts of information, providing a robust and intuitive back-end on which to build the management and analysis of data from sensors, probes, industrial machinery, or software applications.


A complete system that offers maximum flexibility by automatically adapting to the client's needs. Through dynamic data structures, it is possible to model and customize the management of any data, thus being able to use the platform in the most diverse applications.

Versatility & Integration

The back-end of the Things' Cloud platform has been designed and built in such a way as to offer maximum ease of use on any architecture. We have developed high-level APIs that allow interaction with objects using the most common languages: Node.JS, Java, C#, JavaScript, Vb.NET, PHP, Ruby, etc.

Zepping - Highly innovative connected solutions

Our goal is to connect objects and products, and it is essential to do so in the simplest way possible. This is why Things’Cloud, a network of services that facilitates the development of a connected product, was born.
Thanks to Zepping’s continuous experience in the IoT field, Things’Cloud is continuously being enriched with new features.

Numbers make the difference

Connected products through Things’Cloud deliver +10 thousand messages every minute.


Messages exchanged daily through our servers


More than 50,000 devices and active users on our platforms

In the world

More than 90 nations around the world using our technologies

Things'Cloud in the world

Connected products through Things’ Cloud are now being used in more than 70 countries

We've already been chosen

Thanks to Things’Cloud Aquariums, Seasoners, Dryers, Charging Stations, Refrigerators, Laundries, Supermarkets, Fitness Equipment, Wine Cellars and more are connected